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      This website is no longer maintained. Please head to the new and improved website, The Phantom Trail, where the same information can be found, and much more!   


The 21st Phantom's

The Deep Woods
© 2000 King Features Syn.
Animated by Aman King


The 21st Phantom's Deep Woods,
The first Indian website about The Phantom!

This site is dedicated to Lee Falk and The Phantom, who was created in the year 1936, even before characters like Batman and Superman had come into the picture. The Phantom is the first costumed comic book hero to have been created; so it may not be wrong to say that he is the father of all 'superheroes'. The character had started off in a newspaper strip and still appears in over 500 newspapers worldwide with a readership of over 60 million people in more than 25 different languages. Comic books about his adventures are published around the world too. He has also been featured in two syndicated animated cartoon series 'Defenders of the Earth' and 'Phantom 2040', a 1943 Columbia serial 'The Phantom' starring Tom Tyler and a 1996 big budget Paramount film 'The Phantom' starring Billy Zane.

N.B. : The information on this site is based mostly on the comics published in India by Diamond Comics. Therefore, there might be some inconsistency with comics published elsewhere. It is hoped that this will not cause inconvenience to the visitors.